Tuesday, November 9, 2010


The SALVATION 33 - GYRO is at the heart of the new International craze for micro RC Helicopters. Watch this super-advanced helicopter taking a spin around the house. The Helicopter is crammed full of Advanced Electronics such as the Gyroscope and Digital Proportional System. Super sharp movements and surgical precision.


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Friday, June 18, 2010

Salvation 30 RC Helicopter

Catch up with the latest trend and sharpest technology. Trendy and Fun, the new Micro Remote Controlled Helicopter is the latest ‘must’ for both children and technology fanatics. It uses the most advanced technology to date and is powered by the result of years of Research and Development. Every subtle feature of it is paved with precision, miniaturization, and technology. We very proudly bring you the smallest Micro RC Helicopter in Mauritius.
This helicopter being extremely small replicates with mind-boggling precision the complex features of a conventional helicopter to deliver the same mechanics and stability needed to fly. Extra precision, stability and durable performance make this little buddy perfect for the beginner and the seasoned flyer as well.

Technology Overview
Proportional Control System adjusts the precision level.
The Proportional Control System lets you play in your living room, bedroom, or more open spaces by adjusting the precision level to give you more precision in tighter spaces while letting you enjoy more freedom in larger spaces.
Crash proof blades fitted with Carbon Fibre safety ring.
In case of a crash, the helicopter’s blades are Crash proof and fitted with a Carbon Fibre safety ring. It can take quite a beating and be back up flying. Engineered with the Beginner’s needs in mind, the helicopter is hard-wearing and tough in all aspects.
Extended flight time of 10 minutes.
Thanks to special lightweight material and the integral Lithium-Polymer Battery, the helicopter performs longer and takes less time to get back in airspace. The helicopter gets a full charge in 30 minutes and can stay in the air for up to 10 minutes. That’s up to 4 times faster charging than current models.
Tri-band switch allows up to 3 helicopters to fly in the same airspace.
Are your friends pining to play with you? Do you think you can be the fastest flyer? Well then, let’s check that out. Triple the fun and play with your friends. The Tri-band switch encourages more creativity and competition. You can be up to 3 in the same airspace.
It charges directly through the controller. You don’t need to look for power outlets.
Take it along with you whether you’re at the office or visiting friends. The Toy was built with portability and ease-of-use in mind. No chargers and no cords to carry around. The helicopter charges smartly and directly through the controller so that you don’t even have to worry about power outlet.

1. 3-Channel control enables full precision for real 3D flight
2. Eye-catching design with unique coloured coating
3. Tri-band switch allows 3 helicopters to fly in the same airspace
4. Extended flight time of 10 minutes (Charges for 30-45 minutes)
5. Digital Proportional Control System
6. Crash proof blades with Carbon Fibre Rotor
7. Integral Lithium-Polymer Battery (High-Capacity)
8. Requires 6 x AA batteries for the controller (not supplied)
9. Coaxial Structure enables it to fly with stability
10. Charges directly through the controller
11. Full trim control for fine tuning
12. Dimension: 17 x 3 x 8 cm.
13. Infrared Control System
14. Weight: 20 grams.
15. Perfect for indoor flying
16. Flying Range: Up to 8 meters
17. Smart Charging (Does not overcharge)
18. Certification: RoHS Compliant, CE, FCC, UL.
Indoor Flying. Not Suitable for children under 8 Years.
Limited Stock. Don’t wait until 25th December. It might be too late.